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A niche place for Work Operations Management Easy access to Global onboarding, connected workforce, assets and logistics and smart Talent Pools across the globe.

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What We Do?

Provide systematic approach to Job Management, employees scheduling to continually improve business operations.

Connected Workforce Operations management

GEO tracking for workforce, Fleet tracking, Assets Logistics & Real-Time Global view, 3D Augment Reality (AR) Connected field Workforce.

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Talent Pool Management

Skillset Approved Metro-Level Worker Pools, Approved Project Vendor Pools, Worker Availability and Scheduling Manager, Global Talent Pools.

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Global Onboarding Portal

Candidate Portal, HR Onboarding Portal, IT Onboarding portal, Vendor and Worker Self-Service Portals.

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Service Desk Management

Manage remote and field job opportunities, Task-as-a-job, Instructions, deliverables, Timecards and Proof of Delivery, custom workflows and data collection Forms & Real-Time collaboration.

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Job Manager

Job Instructions, Job Deliverables, Appointment details, Approvals, Status tracking, Timecards and timesheets , Checkin-Checkouts and GPS tracking.

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Resource Scheduling, Appointment & Route Optimization

Skillset based, resilient Talent Pools Optimization, Resource Calendar Availability & Optimization, Real-time Resource Roaster Scheduling Optimization, Task Priority Optimization and Route optimization plan.

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Asset & Logistics Management

Global Warehouse, Inventory and Parts supply chain, Global forward and Reverse Logistics, Transportation carrier tracking, Global Service Locator for 600+ warehouse locations.

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Billing, Bill-Audit & Pay Management

Real-Time multi party payment services, Contracts & Billing Analytics, Order2Cash Customer Auto Billing Engine support for multiple countries and 100+ global currencies.

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How It Works?

Here are the 3 working steps on success.


Manage Jobs

Manage your Jobs, Job schedules related to your tasks or Assets and logistics..


Connected Workforce and Logistics Management

Get real-Time updates on resource availability, resource roaster scheduling and resilient talent pools. Get access to Reverse Logistics Transportation Carrier Live Tracking.


Manage Talent Pools and Payments to Talent

Contract, on-board, and manage the talent. Manage timesheets, milestones, deliverables, payments, and performance.

Connected Workforce Operations

Unleash the magic of connected and well tracked workforce!

Track the workers by GEO codes and Zip codes, region and country across the globe. Perform fleet tracking across the globe.

Perform Real-Time search on an inventory item, part or a worker across the globe to find exact lattitude and longitude of the asset and/or worker at any given point of time.

View and track all workers across your jobs using GPS tracking and 3D augmented reality to visualize on a map, mark as favorites and/or for notifications.

Talent Pool Management

Manage and group workforce into various talent pools

Metro level vendor pools helps find right vendor in a given geography, region, country, Zip code and for a given skill. Our smart AI-driven recommendation engine looks at worker within a given miles range to tag to the relevant pools.

Approved project vendor pools let you rate a vendor for a given project or type of projects and chose to invite the top vendor or broadcast the assignments to the pool so vendors may accept on first-come-first-serve basis.

The talent pools are auto generated based on the skilling profile of a worker using our smart GTP engine. The availability is requested from workers and candidates to help schedule interviews automatically using common slots.

Global Onboarding Portal

Visual onboarding process for the workforce

Candidate portal is one stop shop for candidates to view available jobs, upload resume, and apply for jobs. They also track their application status, interview schedules, and update their availabilities on this portal.

After selection, all workers go through rigorous HR, IT and project onboarding process driven with intelligent AI based insights on ETAs. This is followed by Project onboarding.

Vendor users and workers are able to login to their self service portals to view their dashboard of information, update their profiles, perform check-ins and check-outs, view job details, view instructions, upload deliverables, go through trainings and respond to performance evaluations.

Service Desk Management

Manage your Jobs from one easy to use portal

Manage 24X7 service desk for your remote and field job assignment. Track incoming requests/ incidents, provide immediate support or escalations as needed. Self-service options for users. Single point of contact for customers.

Appointment contains the key information on requested start and end times, worker's availability window etc.

Perform Real-Time collaboration with your hire that could be a full time worker, contingent contractor or a freelancer using our ServiceochatTM platform with real-time messaging, tagging of deliverables/jobs in the messages.

Job Manager

Manage Job granularly with worker in-out times and GPS locations tracked

Leverage Task-as-a-job model for establishing assignments. View and manage all Job details, assignments and tasks. Review & monitor appointment schedule with a single click. Track job progress and generate reports. Get notifications on activity feed related to your jobs.

The Job instructions and deliverables can be managed on the job so that workers may upload/add the deliverables based on the instructions given and get it approved also.

Workers perform check-ins & check-outs to have timeclock manager and timesheets auto generated. Worker timeclocks also caters to breaks, overtimes and short hours etc. The timesheets are also digitally approved by the end client as well as project managers. See the deliverables and other proof of work completion uploaded by worker(s) on your jobs.

Resource Scheduling, Appointment & Route Optimization

Experience one-click scheduling and roaster optimization for your workforce

The resource availability engine finds the available windows of the workers and helps you schedule and optimize your work more efficiently. Talent Pools based on Skills, GEO/Zip code and experience levels help smart scheduling of right talent on right programs.

Establish resource roaster best optimized to route, duration and skills and view/ manage it Real-time with Real-time alerts and updates available on your fingertips.

Optimize the task priorities and our smart dispatch engine does the dispatch scheduling and routing automatically based on the established guidance.

Asset & Logistics Management

Global warehouse and Inventory management at your fingertips

Manage and view the complete parts supply chain and track from source to the destination. View global warehouse(s) information, inventory status and inventory transactions.

Establish end-to-end resource locator for material sourcing, manufacturing, transportation to distribution centers, and final-mile delivery to your consumer. Also view for reverse logistics while moving products and materials back into the supply chain post-delivery.

Optimize the tracking and movement of all inventory items including parts and assets with their expected delivery times.

Billing, Bill-Audit & Pay Management

Pay your workforce timely in multiple currencies

Once work is accomplished, workers and parties need to get paid. Our payment services enable seamless and automated billing and generate payments for them.

Generate and maintain contracts in the system and use our billing Analytics to get reports on Account payables, margins, contract due dates and expense dashboards.

Our smart billing engine uses more than 350 algorithms and more than 10,000 combinations encompassing different billing scenarios across the globe covering multiple countries, multiple tax systems and multiple currencies.

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