Recruiter On Demand

Recruiter On Demand

Hire an embedded expert to support your recruitment team with the flexibility to add as much firepower as you need and for however long you need it for.

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Recruiter On Demand

Recruiter On Demand?

You can use Recruiter On Demand (RoD) service to hire one or more temporary talent acquisition experts who can supplement your recruitment team. The experts come with years of proven experience and can be made available on very short notice. You can use their services as long as you need them.

Benefits of Recruiter On Demand

Expertise on Demand

Our Recruiters are experts in IT infrastructure domain. They have years of experience and personal connection with hundreds of candidates around the globe


Whether you need to scale up or down your recruitment team, we can seamlessly do so with no lag.

Guaranteed Performance

Alternatively, you can hire freelancers but you own all the risk in that case. Our recruiters are fully vetted but in case they don't work out, we guarantee a replacement.

Peace of mind

With this service, we assure you that your candidates are yours. We don't store or use any of the candidates that sourced by our RoDs for you.

How it works

We propose some vetted candidates to work as RoDs with your team. You interview them and finalize.

All our RoDs are fully remote but we fully onboard them to be well versed with your organization's values, culture and drivers.

You give them the requirements and targets. They deliver and meet those targets. Their performance is guaranteed by us!

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