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Service Global is at the forefront of helping major industries drive real-time processing with edge infrastructure, from computing and storage servers to data processing. Our global workforce has the skills to build, maintain, and scale edge infrastructure, including private 5G, IoT devices, and hyperscale cloud provider services.

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Service Global makes edge computing accessible and easier to implement with its global presence, expertise, and close partnership with hardware and software solution providers.


We understand that edge infrastructure is a critical part of every organization and requires 24/7 monitoring and immediate response. Our 4-hour SLA, streamlined processes, backed by automation and visibility tools, can help meet your needs.


As your use case for edge computing grows in demand, Service Global's technical and logistics team can work closely with you to assess, expand, or increase the capacity of infrastructure without interruption.

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Expanding the possibilities with edge computing

Edge computing is a new paradigm in the IT industry that promises to change how we think about deploying and maintaining infrastructure. Infrastructure is critical for edge computing, as it provides the foundation upon which data and applications can be processed and delivered at the network's edge. Edge locations are often decentralized and require skilled personnel to maintain and operate them. Infrastructure must be designed and built to meet the specific needs of each edge location, and it must be able to support the workloads that will be run on it. Infrastructure at the edge must also withstand these environments' harsh conditions.

Many organizations are forced to either over-provision their infrastructure or deal with the added complexity and cost of deploying and maintaining their edge Infrastructure. Service Global's team understands the complex challenges and what it takes to build and maintain a global edge infrastructure. Our global workforce and project management capabilities can help organizations with their edge infrastructure goals.

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Edge Deployment Use Cases

Service Global's edge computing solutions can help with any edge deployment use cases while reducing your edge infrastructure operations and maintenance (O&M) Opex.

  • Program Management & Coverage - 4-hour and Next Business Day (NBD) SLA
  • Global Skilled Workforce - 6000+ L1-L5 engineers available for last-mile services
  • Global Logistics & Export Compliance - 160+ supported for forward & reverse logistics
  • Process Management & Analytics - ML assisted automation and portals

We bring solutions to solve your edge infrastructure challenges.

The double-digit yearly growth in edge solutions has led to a severe skill gap issue as the workforce is not ready to handle the complexities of edge infrastructure. At Service Global, we understand these challenges and have been training our workforce in technologies powering edge infrastructure to address our customers' global needs.

  • 5G - Private/Public Network Solutions
  • IOT - Devices, Gateways, Sensors, and Edge Computing
  • Orchestration & Automation - Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Terraform and more
  • Monitoring, Security & Analytics - AI/ML, Data Analytics, and more

The opportunity for edge computing is far-reaching and will enable new ways of doing things, such as private 5G networks or IoT platforms.


  • Edge Compute Server
  • Industrial Gateway
  • Industrial PC
  • Factory Automation
  • Process Control
  • HMI/AR Device
  • Mobile Robots
  • Industrial Drone


  • Fixed Wireless Gateway
  • Transportation Gateway
  • Video Analytics Server
  • Public Kiosk/Signage
  • Public Safety Gateway
  • Edge vision/AI Solutions
  • Roadside Units


  • SD-WAN Enterprise/Edge Server
  • On-premise Kiosk, Signage, Survillance
  • Service Robot
  • Smart Education Solutions
  • AR/VR


  • Medical Edge Compute
  • Real Time Surgery
  • Digital Pathalogy
  • Health Care Robot
  • Remote Healthcare


  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Surveillance Drones
  • Military Applications

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We are a global company with presence on every continent.




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Working with Service Global has been a fabulous experience, allowing me to acquire invaluable knowledge in cutting-edge technologies and techniques. The organization has provided me with many opportunities to work on various projects, affording me a diverse range of exposure and experience.

Japinder Singh

Network Engineer (L2) - Canada

At Service Global, our collaborative work environment is conducive to professional growth and development. The hands-on training provided is second to none. I have been fortunate to benefit from daily management interaction, which contributes significantly to my overall satisfaction with the organization.

Andre Bardon

Network Engineer (L2) - United States

My tenure with Service global has been a source of tremendous satisfaction, both in terms of the company's dynamic work culture and the exceptional caliber of its personnel. The organization's unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment has made my time here an absolute pleasure.

Francisco Azuri

Network Engineer (L2) - United States

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