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MSP Staffing

MSP Staffing

Effective supply chain management of contingent workforce is key to the success of contingent hiring programs. Staffing vendors of different capabilities, independent contractors, freelancers - each of them requires a customized approach and yet all of them need to be managed through a unified interface. Our Managed Staffing Services can help.

Vendor Management System

Flexible Approach

Our managed staffing services can take care of entire contingent worker life cycle from requisition and sourcing through invoicing and payment. We manage any and all independent contractors, freelancers, staffing vendors and permanent employees depending on the scope you want us to manage on your behalf. With our Vendor Management System (VMS) you have visibility into status of each requirement and each candidate. You have the option to bring staffing vendors of your choice to the pool or you can use ours or both.

MSP Staffing Services
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A few benefits of our MSP Staffing Services

Usually hiring managers source contingent workers from different sources to fill their open requirements. This results in compliance risk with respect to contingent hiring practices. By being experts in this area, we can help standardize contingent workforce hiring practice and deal with the complexity of complying with ever changing labor laws.

Another common issue with contingent staffing spend is lack of full visibility at the top as HR does not usually get involved in it. We can help consolidate all contingent staffing spend across your organization and leverage the volumes to find better deals with staffing vendors than you probably get today.

Is MSP Staffing Services for you?

Enough volume of contingent spend

If you have enough volume of contingent spend in IT Infrastructure that you find it difficult to manage in house, this program is probably for you.

Compliance risks

Do you see variability in contingent workforce management across the organization? If you are worried about running a-fowl of law, this program can definitely help.

Looking for standardization/consolidation

If you believe it is time for you to take your contingent workforce program to the next level by standardizing and consolidating contingent workforce spend across your organization then this is definitely a great option for you.

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