Cloud Transformation and Operations Services

Service Global Cloud infrastructure transformation and operations services are enabling organizations to realize their digital dreams in public, private and hybrid cloud landscapes. Our end-to-end solutions provides the organization with a secure environment that ignites agility, giving them an unprecedented ability to stay ahead of rapidly changing market needs.

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Cloud Transformation and Operations Services

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From migration & modernization to data warehouses and machine learning, we can help you wherever you are on your cloud journey.


Evaluate your cloud environment to find gaps and re-architect for maximum efficiency, performance, security, and governance.


Focus on your core business initiatives to add value for your customers, and let us proactively monitor and manage your infrastructure.


Ensure robust control over your cloud infrastructure with confidence, and leverage multi-cloud environments to expand without added complexity.

Leverage the cloud to accelerate

Tap into the power of cloud computing to create innovative solutions and drive organizational success

Service Global help unlock sustained value by migrating, operating, and scaling business-critical applications in the cloud. Our experience cloud experts offers organizations a suite of digital solutions to help them become more agile and secure in their cloud environments. This allows businesses to rapidly adapt and create seamless experiences, while keeping data safe regardless of public, private or hybrid clouds.

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Adopt best practices for a higher ROI and greater efficiency from cloud

With Service Global, you get a trusted and dedicated partner to help power your mission. We offer the expertise and experience needed to seamlessly build, launch and maintain multi-cloud strategies tailored for each customer's unique requirements. Modernizing with us also reduces complexity, cost burdens and operational challenges - helping give customers an optimized result that is consistently reliable in performance.

Adoption and Migration

Migrate legacy applications or workloads to cloud for improved reliability, scalability, security, and performance efficiency.

Application Modernization

Maximize the cloud's cost efficiency and scalability by embracing serverless or container platforms.

Cloud DevOps

Unlock the power of your data and make better-informed decisions with analytics and machine learning.

Security and Compliance

Ensure compliance and continuous governance to deliver a secure and compliant cloud that meets regulatory needs and concerns.

Cost Optimization

Streamline operations and maximize ROI by creating visibility of all services utilizing cloud technology. Ensure your performance is optimized for ultimate efficiency!

Cloud Advisory Services

Create innovative solutions, increase your business's agility and reduce expenses through our expert cloud and infrastructure advisory services.

We are trusted by global brands. Discover how we can custom-fit our services and solutions to meet your business' objectives.

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Why Service Global

Why Service Global?

Realize your business goals and stay ahead in the industry with Service Global. Our team of digital engineering experts can support you on your journey to enterprise modernization, ensuring that you remain competitive.

1. Technical Expertise

A proven track record of delivering high-quality digital engineering and enterprise modernization solutions and expertise.

2. Industry Experience

Experience in various industries and a deep understanding of their business challenges, processes, and regulatory requirements.

3. Project Delivery Methodology

Our commitment to project delivery excellence has led us to create innovative tools and processes to ensure successful delivery and fast time-to-value.

4. Ability to Scale

We are the ideal partner for your future, offering scalability and adaptable engagement models to meet all of your growth needs.

5. Communication and Collaboration

By prioritizing communication and collaboration, we strive to create powerful engagement among teams throughout their project journey.

6. Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to forward-thinking ideas and continuous improvements ensures our customers always maintain a competitive edge.


Our Global Presence

We are a global company with presence on every continent.


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Skilled Engineers


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Working with Service Global has been a fabulous experience, allowing me to acquire invaluable knowledge in cutting-edge technologies and techniques. The organization has provided me with many opportunities to work on various projects, affording me a diverse range of exposure and experience.

Testimonial Country
Japinder Singh

Network Engineer (L2) - Canada

At Service Global, our collaborative work environment is conducive to professional growth and development. The hands-on training provided is second to none. I have been fortunate to benefit from daily management interaction, which contributes significantly to my overall satisfaction with the organization.

Testimonial Country
Andre Bardon

Network Engineer (L2) - United States

My tenure with Service global has been a source of tremendous satisfaction, both in terms of the company's dynamic work culture and the exceptional caliber of its personnel. The organization's unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment has made my time here an absolute pleasure.

Testimonial Country
Francisco Azuri

Network Engineer (L2) - United States

Service Global's reputation in the IT market is well-deserved, boasting an exceptional team of professionals who are always willing to lend an ear and assist with any queries. Not only do they facilitate individual growth, but they also prioritize team development, which has undoubtedly contributed to my high level of job satisfaction.

Testimonial Country
Wazid Akbar

Desktop Support Engineer (L1) - United Kingdom

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